Bank of America CEO & President Ken Lewis, on Sports Sponorship:

“I was never inclined to pump big sums of money into sports marketing until I saw the facts… for every dollar we spend on sports marketing, we get $10 in revenue and $3 in earnings. This is not wasted money.”

Bernhard Langer, on the Champions Tour:

"We have two and sometimes three pro-ams before the tournament where we interact one-on-one or one-on-four with VIP’s, guests, employees. What other sport can you do that? You can’t go out and play tennis or football or soccer. It just doesn’t work. In golf, it works. We have the handicap system and we spend five hours playing golf with the client and then we sit down and have lunch for a half-hour or an hour. We do that: 2-3 pro-ams before the tournament."

"On top of that, we attend 2-3 functions: dinner parties, cocktail parties where almost the whole field is present. We spend hours there where people can talk to us about anything they want. Again, you don’t find that in any other sport very easily. I think that is a very special thing we have going on the Champions Tour, where we interact with the amateurs, the VIPs, the guests and who is invited."