Apply For Media Credentials

Registration for 2017 SAS Championship Media Credentials will open later this year. 
If you have any questions, please contact Chris Vurnakes at 


 Recognized daily newspapers
 Wire and news services
 National or international golf magazines that regularly provide tournament coverage
 News and sports magazines that regularly cover golf
 National radio and television networks
 Local radio and television stations within the immediate coverage area of the tournament
 Recognized golf or legitimate news internet sites that change content daily

Per Tour policy credentials are not allocated to freelance writers or photographers not on assignment.

    The PGA TOUR has licensed exclusive television and radio rights to originate live, play-by-play coverage of the event from the golf course. Other radio and television stations or networks may provide news coverage of the event, provided they agree to and abide by the PGA TOUR Media Regulations presented on this site. The sports editor, sports director or photo editor of the Authorized Outlet must accept the appropriate PGA TOUR Media Regulations; no credentials will be issued unless the Regulations are accepted. Each credential issued pursuant to PGA TOUR Media Regulations operates as PGA TOUR authorization allowing only the holder of such credential and the Authorized Outlet thereof to use certain information gathered pursuant to the credential (including photographs, videotape, etc.). Please note that unless authorized by a separate written PGA TOUR authorization, credentialed individuals and Authorized Outlets thereof may sell or distribute such information only as part of the editorial product delivered to end users and not to other organizations or as part of a separate commercial product; provided, however, this credential restriction does not apply to credentialed media representing established wire and news services whose normal business is to distribute information to other news organizations so that such other news organizations may distribute the information to various print and broadcast media organizations to use the information for editorial product. PGA TOUR MAY REVOKE CREDENTIALS AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON INCLUDING VIOLATIONS OF ANY OF THE PGA TOUR MEDIA REGULATIONS.